The WellQC application has been created for working with geological and geophysical data, and it allows you to timely check the completeness of the material provided, as well as its compliance with international and internal standards. Ensuring this kind of quality control is vital to the continued use of the material at any E&P facility.

WellQC can be used as a stand-alone module, and also as part of the PetroVision Data Bank. 


During more than ten years of working with the application, a sufficient amount of material has been accumulated to determine the general principles, distinguish the categories of mistakes and prepare the basis for their automatic correction. It facilitated the addition of functionality that allows you to correct the material in a comprehensive, organized and automated manner. The process is organized in such a way that it does not change the original material: before transforming the data, the material is copied and the original data remains intact.



At this stage, the following categories of mistakes have been distinguished, and conditions for their transformation provided:

  • Correcting all material according to the structural units provided, such as the general definition of the name of the well, field, UWI, etc.
  • Bringing log data to storage standards
  • Syntactic and semantic correction of the internal data structure
  • Converting files to required formats
  • Excluding files and directories based on specified conditions
  • Removing duplicate data
  • Material correction based on values in the database


The application is not tied to specific structure patterns that are used in various organizations. It is a constructor of ready-made transformation blocks, therefore it has mobility and variability. This type of architectural solution allows you to implement the process of material transformation with maximum efficiency.


Thus, the application provides a means of  correcting these mistakes in a comprehensive manner, while maintaining the structure, bringing involvement of users in this process to a minimum. That makes it possible to  free up human resources for more non-trivial tasks.

At the moment, there is a ready-made solution for the FT and Inclinometry fields, with the possibility of expanding the implemented structure, scaling to large amounts of data and converting to other fields of interest.