Being a producer and supplier of the hi-tech software, Geoleader Ltd. offers the services of projecting, creating and optimizing the integration solutions enable to improve the IT infrastructure and provide effective and reliable interoperability of heterogeneous information systems based on the decades of experience helping many of the world's leading companies, a profound understanding of technology and our skilled people.

We always take into account our Customers' wishes to make a clear vision of what they want to have. Thus, according to the Customer's requirements Geoleader Ltd. is glad to provide:


  1. Consulting services upon the optimal configuration of the hardware and software systems according to the SW specifications.
  2. Project solutions for computing system integration by means of basic, supplementary and peripheral equipment which realizes Geoleader's Software functionality to the most extent.
  3. Technical specification development, hardware supply, and installation, adjustment, launch and support of the whole software and hardware complex.

As a result, the Customer will get all the undeniable advantages of the service-oriented architecture:


  • short time terms, less workload, and consequently a low prime cost of new systems implementation;
  • optimization of expenses for purchasing user licenses for application systems;
  • managed development of the infrastructure;
  • reduction of technological and organizational risks.

Geoleader Ltd. cooperates closely with worldwide leading companies in the sphere of software, hardware and storage systems development and production, such as IBM, DELL, HP, EMC, HITACHI etc. and we always we deliver our solutions to customers on a high level.