Principles of using materials from the Geoleader Ltd. web-site (hereinafter referred to as Site).


1. General provisions

1.1. The principles herein determine the order and terms of using information, news and other materials posted on the Geoleader Ltd. website, as well as materials contained in the special company projects – articles, scientific works, news about developments (hereinafter – Special projects) the rights on which belong to Geoleader Ltd. according to the current RF legislation.

1.2. Any material posted on the Geoleader website and in Special projects is the copyright-protected item. Geoleader rights for the materials are protected by the legislation of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity.

1.3. The usage of materials posted on the Website and in Special projects is allowed with written consent of Geoleader Ltd only. Free usage of materials is allowed only in cases stipulated in pp. 2.2.1 – 2.2.3. of the present Principles.

1.4. The present Principles are valid for the following users: information agencies, electronic and printed mass media, physical and legal persons (hereinafter – Users).

2. Usage of materials. Types of usage.

2.1. The usage of materials means the reproduction, distribution, public presentation, presentation on the air, on cable, translation, retreatment, publication and other means of usage stipulated in p. 2 art.1270 of the RF Civil Code.

2.2. Usage on free basis:

2.2.1. Any Geoleader Ltd. materials may be used without written consent of the Geoleader Ltd. and on free basis under the condition that the user is a physical person who intends to use these materials for personal purposes only.

2.2.2. The usage of information Geoleader Ltd. text materials by religious and charity organizations as well as by educational organizations on free basis may be upon Geoleader written consent only.

2.2.3. News of Geoleader Ltd. Posted at, may be used by any users for informative, educational and cultural purposes after Geoleader written consent and on free basis. The Users are obliged to give links to the source and to the website from which the materials are used according to the Article 1274 of the RF Civil Code.

2.2.4. Any changes or/ and amendments to the materials of Geoleader Ltd. as well as any retreatment of the materials are forbidden.

2.3. Other kinds of usage:

2.3.1. Commercial usage of Geoleader Ltd. materials is carried out on the basis of the contracts concluded in written form.

2.3.2. It is forbidden to use any photo, graphic pictures, video, audio and other materials posted on website and in Special projects belonging to Geoleader Ltd and third parties.

2.3.3. In case of need to use Geoleader materials specified in p. 2.3.2. of the present Principles belonging to Geoleader Ltd. the Users shall a written consent of Geoleader Ltd. to use such materials on payable basis.

2.3.4. TheusageofGeoleaderLtd. Materials specified in p. 2.3.2. of the presenr Principles in the amount and for purposes not stipulated in the contract between Geoleader Ltd and User, as well as without a contract are not accepted.

2.3.5. The cost of using each material is coordinated by the parties individually.

2.3.6. In case of need to use Geoleader materials specified in p. 2.3.2 of the present Principles belonging to third parties, the Users are obliged to refer to the rightholders of such materials.

3. Users responsibilities in case of material usage:

3.1. In case of using Geoleader materials for any purposes except personal, the link to the Geoleader website is obligatory:

3.1.1. The users are obliged to mention the source – Geoleader website in case of using Geoleader materials in print media and in other forms on physical media.

3.1.2. In the internet and other forms of electronic usage of Geoleader materials the users are obliged to make a hyperlink of the Geoleader website

3.1.3. Source link or hyperlink specified in pp. 3.1.1. and 3.1.2. of the present Principles must be placed by the User in the beginning of the used text material as well as under any audio, video, photo, picture of Geoleader Ltd.

3.1.4. Font size of the source link or hyperlink shall not be less than the text font size in which Geoleader materials are used, or less than the User font size in the text, accompanying audio, video, photo, picture materials of Geoleader Ltd.

3.1.5. UsageofGeoleaderLtd. Materials acquired from other sources is possible with a link to other sources only.

3.2. In case of using Geoleader Ltd. materials, the retreatment of the original text is forbidden. The material may be cut only if it does not lead to the meaning distortion. In this case Users bear the responsibility for materials meaning distortion individually.

3.3. In case of using information or news of Geoleader Ltd. the Users cannot indicate the time and date of such materials issue which is identical to or less that the time and date indicated at Geoleader website.

4. Agreement to processing of personal data

4.1. According to the Federal Law No. 152-FL “About personal data” dated 27.07.2006”, when submitting the personal data, the User agrees to them being processed, stored and used in the following cases:

- Providing customer support
- Sending the information about marketing events
- Conducting of an audit and other internal research in order to improve the quality of the provided service.

4.2. Personal data include any information of a personal type that allows to establish identity of the User/Buyer, such as:

- Full name
- Date of birth
- Contact telephone number
- E-mail
- Postal address
- Place of employment

4.3. Personal data of the User are stored only on the computer media and are processed using automated systems, except when non-automated personal data processing is necessary on the grounds of satisfying the legislative requirements.

4.4. The Company agrees to undertake non-disclosure of the received personal data to third parties, except the following cases:

- On demand of competent public authority of the Russian Federation, only on the grounds and in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian federation
- On demand of strategic partners, which provide products and render service to the Company, or to the ones of them, which help the Company to produce products and render service. We furnish the minimum amount of personal data to the third parties, which is necessary only for provided the requested service or conducting a transaction.

5. ChangeofPrinciples.

5.1. GeoleaderLtd. Reserves a right to change the present Principles on a unilateral basis at any time without prior notice of the Users. Any changes will be posted on Geoleader website Changes and amendments come in force from the moment of being published on the Website.

5.2. For any questions please refer to the contacts listed in the section Contacts or Support.